163rd Family Day - Mandatory Attendance for All
On Saturday 6 May at 0700 all squadron 45 members are expected to attend the 163rd Family day. We will be supporting the families of the 163rd with a park picnic type event. We will be helping with food, and fun. Meet at March ARB in the parking lot behind the park shown at this link. Click Here Wear ABU's, if you don't have ABU's wear a squadron T-shirt and blue jeans. Please bring your Form 32. Click here for a map and directions.
When: Saturday 6 May. Where: March ARB Cost $Free
Posted 20 Apr 2017
Military Appreciation Bike Night
Riverside Harley Davidson

Come out and help us promote our unit and Wreaths Across America.
there will be live music and $5 Food.

Date: 18 May from 1700-2100 - Location: Riverside Harley Davidson. - Cost: $0 but Food $5.
Posted 20 Apr 2017

Cadet Noncommissioned Officer School (NCOS) South
NCOS is Phase III of California Wing's Integrated Leadership Program. This school is geared towards new cadet NCO's (C/SSgt - C/MSgt) to learn leadership skills and better understand leadership concepts to be able to effectively lead new cadets at local squadrons and other CAP activities. *C/SrA encouraged to apply.

Registration is now open for Students: A minimum grade of C/SSgt and completion of Encampment, Basic Cadet School, or Airman Training School, by the start of the activity. C/SrA are encouraged to apply as prerequisites may be waived on a case-by-case basis by the Commandant.

Register on-line with completed forms by 8 April at cawgcadets.org/ncossouth17

Cadet Cadre: Cadre applicants must have successfully completed prior NCOS. Positions available:
Cadet Commander, Seminar Leaders, Assistant Seminar Leaders, Support Staff, Instructors

Cadre applicants must submit a cover letter and resume by 1 April. Email application packages to: Lt Col Mark Williams, Mark.Williams@cawgcap.org and Major Kristian Ticas, Kristian.Ticas@cawgcap.org

Senior Staff: We need seniors to assist with mentoring of the students and cadet staff. If you are interested in serving in this important position please contact Lt Col Mark Williams or Major Kristian Ticas.

Date: 28-30 APR - Location: March ARB. - Cost: $40-$50. Click here for more information.
Posted 28 Mar 2017

Setting up Your CA Wing eMail
If you still have not signed into your CAWG email account or you forgot and you need your login information please navigate to http://fixmymail.cawgcap.org
You will need to know the exact date you joined CAP to use this tool, To find that, log into eServices > click on your name in the top right corner > and choose "General Info"
Posted 13 Apr 2017

New Building and Meeting Location
Thanks to everyones help moving, we will start meeting in our new starting Dec 12.
The new building number is 625.
The address is: 5730 Riverside Dr
March Air Reserve Base, CA
Map Link
Posted 2 Dec 2016
Membership Services
I have received a lot of questions in this area.
If your membership has expires, If you never got your ID Card, If there is a problem with your information or eServices account you can't fix.... Contact CAP Member Services.
membershipservices@capnhq.gov or call 877-227-9142 option 1, then option 2
Posted 26 Apr 2016

Cadet Testing & Promotion Review Boards Requests
1. Cadets request examinations by email (testing@sq45.org) NLT (No Later Than) 1900
Sunday nights or by signing up on the “Testing Requests” sign-up sheet located in the
hallway, NLT 2000 hours Monday nights for testing the following week. Click HERE for an example of how to format your request.

2. Cadets request Promotion Review Boards by email (promotion@sq45.org) with cadet’s name
& grade or by signing up on the “Promotion Review Boards Request” sign-up sheet located
in the hallway, NLT 2000 hours Monday nights. Review Board Requirements can be found HERE.

3. Requesting cadet’s flight staff will forward an assessment of the cadet’s performance through
the cadet chain of command. The Cadet Commander, or their designee, will review and
forward the assessments and their recommendations to the Deputy Commander for Cadets to
convene a Promotion Review Board.

The memo for this information is on the Airman Basics page
Posted 31 Aug. 2014

Want to learn to fly at a great discount?
You can get your pilot certificate for much less at the March Aero Club than you will pay anywhere else. The March Aero Club has been in existence since 1954 and is one of the oldest and now the only Reserve Aero Club within the Air Force. The club stresses camaraderie and provides a family atmosphere for recreational flying, student pilot training, and instrument training. Private Pilot Training provides the student with a thorough and complete understanding of theory and practical application. Aero Club students receive one-on-one training, And not in a large classroom atmosphere. This training goes beyond the requirements of the FAA curriculum and provides understanding of the rules and techniques each pilot must attain. Aero Club instructors have thousands of hours of experience from the military and civilian fields. Flight training costs are well inside the outside schools of $7500.and up. If you think you are ready for this awesome experience, contact Maj. Ken Benner to get started. khbenner@gmail.com
Posted 15 Oct. 2013
Order NowOrdering Uniform Supplies
In an effort to help everyone go home at a reasonable time. Uniform supply orders will no longer be taken at the end of the evening. If you need uniform supplies you will need to turn in a supply order form at the beginning of the evening. These will then be processed during the meeting and you can pay for these orders and pick them up at the end of the evening. This rule is in effect for Cadets as well as senior members. The Order and price sheets are available on the "Forms" link above.
Posted 15 August 2011
Ready To Sign Up?
Cadets, If you have been to 3 meetings you can sign up at the link below. Be sure to ask the Squadron commander for our charter number before you sign up. He can be reached at this email link, or by phone (951) 634-4112. You will have an interview at squadron before your membership is approved. Please be ready for this by looking sharp, have a hair cut to meet grooming regulations and plan on having a parent available for part of this interview. If you are all ready to go, click HERE.
New Members (UPDATED) Added Aircraft Ground Handling Training
Okay, Now I am a new member. What do I do next?..... Follow these instructions (click here) and ASK QUESTIONS if you need help or don't understand what to do! Welcome aboard and good luck. The real adventure starts now. Remember, you will get out of CAP what you put in to it!
Posted 04 May 2011
Increased Security and New Gate List
Due to increased security, no one will be permitted on base unless they are on our approved gate list. If you have not provided me with your Full Name and Drivers License Number with state and Contact Phone, you will not be permitted on Base. THIS INCLUDES MEMBERS. Your CAP ID is not enough! You MUST be on the gate list.
Posted 17 May 2011

Join Civil Air Patrol
CAP Logo
Cadets and senior members provide a wealth of talent that can be drawn on for many different projects and events. Click Here If you are planning to be visiting us for the first time, Please contact: Capt Ray Gould Prior to coming on Base The Civil Air Patrol is a professional organization run by a volunteer staff. Membership is a privilege, not a right. Potential members will be interviewed to evaluate their Skills, Knowledge, and Ability to contribute to the organization. Membership may then be offered based on our current needs, and space. We are an equal opportunity organization. Click Here for More Info

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